I have worked with ceramics since I was two and half years old where at the end of the day I would be hosed down.  Still now I am as much hands on with the material as I was back then.

Over the last few years my understanding of the material has developed and I have come to value the uncertainty of the ceramics when it has been fired.  I equally consider its tactile quality when working with the material.

A particular interest I have is in creating ceramic jewellery.  I received as a gift a ceramic necklace and this made me question the possibilities of using ceramics in jewellery.  Using traditional methods such as slip casting or hand building I am able to form pieces to the scale or shape I design.  I make completely handmade unique pieces, as glazes may not come out the same every time and every link cannot necessarily be uniform.

I have also created an exhibition piece which is sculptural functional large-scale jewellery based on the concept of a ‘White Elephant’.  This has been the beginning of a series of functional large-scale jewellery, which I hope to create using the traditional building methods within ceramics and jewellery.

If you would like to contact me please email me at:



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