Where to sell online?

As I make more and more items I want to now share my creations with people. I have been reading the masses of information to set up my own Etsy shop. Is this the right place for me? Maybe a template is the best place to start, then trying it out on a few websites and seeing which works for me and those that want to buy my wares.

Places I could sell are:

  • Direct from my own website
  • Etsy
  • Folksy
  • Facebook
  • others?

The only thing that I am concerned about is how saturated Etsy and other sites can be. I sometimes myself get lost in looking for a product on those websites. I would hope that maybe I can stand out from the crowd.

Recently I came across Handmakeme.com seems really professional and a new way where people can actually place requests for items not just buy items direct from Makers/Designers.  I rather like this approach and may try it out.

Craft stall at the Lincoln Artist's Market

Craft stall at the Lincoln Artist’s Market

Watch this space to see where you can buy my items!



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