To Blog or not to Blog?

I have been debating with myself for a while whether to continue with this Blog and use it like an online diary/sketchbook.  I’m unsure if that appeals to me.  I already spend hours on the internet getting distracted by Pinterest, Facebook and other such sites.  Maybe it would be a more constructive online activity on this blog.

Personally I do follow other blogs and can see a benefit in sharing myself with you all.  I would want it to be a pathway in my design work where others can contribute and guide me.  I do love collaboration work and currently I am in discussion with a furniture maker for some wood and ceramic jewellery.  Could this be a way to open more doors?

The sketchbook part could be interesting in the sense that I could share design development and see what you would like or not. Also sharing a few easy DIY’s that I have tried or found useful in my craft work and other hobbies I have.  However, I am unsure if I want to share designs as then it would be easy for someone to copy my work.

I am still in a conundrum of whether to blog or not.  What do you think?

Maybe this post is the start of it all….

Fresh out of the kiln

Fresh out of the kiln


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