Made It! Graduate Final Exhibition, Lincoln

For the Final Exhibition in my degree we had a group exhibition across two courses, Contemporary Decorative Craft and Furniture, Made It!

We had a fantastic Graphic Designer, Kerry Venus from Mild Peril Media working with us who created our Logo, Invite and Posters.

It was held in the Sam Scorer Gallery on Drury Lane in Lincoln.  I had such fun working with everyone and I think we pulled off an amazing final exhibition and had lots of great feedback and comments.



Just a few shots from the preparation and final pieces.









No one had seen my piece until I brought it in to be hung! It was great seeing peoples reactions and them looking at it with real intent.


I had a sneaky plan for the private view as well.  I had designed a wearable ‘white elephant’.

Only a couple people knew about it but I was so pleased with the end result and how people could tell which piece was mine purely from looking at me.





I had some great feedback and I even got to have a great conversation with our Dean Norman Cherry about my piece at the private view.



The experience of planning and working on creating an exhibition with other people was an amazing experience and made me really want to keep showing my work and working with others as well.


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